Building foundation for remote digital access

In order for remote work to be successful and efficient, creating a safe and effective foundation for remote digital access is crucial. Without the proper technology and connectivity, remote working could become a nightmare as most of us might already have experienced in this pandemic of 2020. Therefore, making remote working effective and productive, finding the correct tools is essential.

Firstly, workers need to be provided with a secure access to IT resources and also to the internet, without with nothing is possible in the digital world of today. Where many workers might already have reliable internet connections established, others might not have the right devices or a stable internet connection at home – some might have none at all. People are commonly using their mobile device to connect to the digital world online. The companies need to be prepared to invest in providing adequate devices and associated internet data plans to such workers. Assessing the amount of bandwidth required early on can save trouble later. The use of applications for video conferencing, such as that of Zoom, can help define the bandwidth needed to maintain effectiveness. A common ground in the type of programs and devices used can help with these decisions.

The basic devices that are a must for working remotely include a smartphone and a computer/tablet, internet device, a webcam, headphones with a microphone installed, and an inexpensive “On the Air” sign which can be purchased at Amazon. A VPN or a Virtual Private network is one other thing that can increase the safety of using the internet and should be a must when working remotely. A VPN is an encrypted network connection that allows creating a secure connection over the internet. It enables users to send and receive data online while maintaining online privacy, anonymity, safety and security. The worker should avoid doing anything for their organization without the VPN being turned on. In case of a lack of resources, skills or budget to operate a VPN; secure remote desktops can be used to connect with the organization via programs like Team Viewer or Blackberry Digital Workplace, which offer high security and are also user friendly.

Companies need to have a clear remote work policy which defines a proper work plan, software/online platforms to be used, a VPN usage policy, budget and training for the workers. Moreover, providing employees with a support system could help to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Support could include start-up guides and also setting up a troubleshoot department which would be responsible for providing an online forum for questioning the experts and getting quick answers.

All in all, remote working is still a new concept to many organisations. Companies were always reluctant to allow workers to work from home. However, it is the need of the hour in the year 2020 and accepting that will help organisations to effectively move to the new norm efficiently. Companies will face problems in establishing a safe and effective foundation for remote digital access early on. Nevertheless, trial and error will eventually help them get their efficiency and productivity.  The quicker they make and adopt their remote work policies and provide their workers with the necessary setup and trainings, the better it will be for their long-run productivity.

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