How to work effectively during lockdown – Starter kit

The world’s work order is changing fast. Earlier, employers believed working from remote locations is not productive and had no protocols in place to manage a distant employee. However, tools like teleconferencing, telework technology, and cloud-based software solutions have advanced to the point where some businesses thrive with completely remote teams. It’s not uncommon for businesses to allow their employees to work from home once or twice a week now.

Step 1: Preparing your-self for the change:

Work is no longer an abstract concept: what once seemed a distant prospect has abruptly turned into an everyday reality for many businesses, especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With most employees now forced to carry out their jobs at home amid locked-down cities, companies across all industries are starting a new chapter – one called ‘remote working for everyone’.

Step 2: Getting to know Online Services:

Cloud-based software is completely secure, online, integrated and affordable solutions. One such solution is eOffice. eOffice is an essential remote office management solution for any small and medium-size business looking to stay open during the current COVID-19 lockdown. This solution provides unparalleled operational efficiency at a nominal cost to organizations via seven core functional modules. Using an eOffice has the following benefits,

  • ¤  Zero Cost of Ownership
  • ¤  24/7 Operational access
  • ¤  Fortified Security
  • ¤  User-friendly interface
  • ¤  Lifetime patches and feature upgrades
  • ¤  Unlimited backups
  • ¤  Highly Scalable.

Step 3: How you can use eOffice modules to work virtually?

Employee Registration.

When a new employee is hired, he/she can either fill the form at the company’s website or send the required information via email to the concerned officer who then enters the data virtually in eOffice HR Portal.

Attendance Marking.

At the end of the month, the department supervisor makes an attendance report sheet and email to the accounts department for entry into the attendance module of the eOffice. Employee’s output can be gauged through the work done in the eOffice portal. Work like vouchers posted, purchase order generated, deliveries received, goods dispatched, and communications done are some examples.


Once the attendance is marked, the payroll system prepares the payroll and post the relevant entries in the account & finance module automatically. The accountant then has two options, either transfer funds on-line from the company account or physically make CHQ & deposit in respective employee accounts. Yes, this part is done in-Physical but, only one person has to come to the office in a month.


The entire activity is done virtually, once delivery is due to one person from the office takes physical custody. The payment of the supplier gets updated directly in the Accounts module as soon as the person enters receipt in the Store module. An accountant can make an online transfer or deposit payment directly into the vendor’s account. No need for the vendor to visit the office physically except for making the delivery.


Entire operations are done remotely, no physical presence needed to generate all required financial reports including but not limited to daily Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss. At the year-end the system generated reports can be sent to auditors for review and with their electronic approval, the same can be filed with the FBR. All the accounts reports can be seen by higher management on-line thru eOffice Portal or pdf sent via email.


This module is useful when physical meetings are required in a building. The only virtual use applicable is the request for room & resources can be done on-line

Security Administration.

If an employee is let go, all his access privileges can be reset virtually, and the IT department does not need to be in the office to do so. The entire system operates on-line and access to the physical servers can be done from anywhere on a 24/7 basis.

Data Protection.

IT department can back-up data remotely from even a mobile phone. Data will be saved on a server and not on the personal device. If there is a break-in at the office or employee residence and computer is stolen no need to worry about data loss as nothing is stored on the employee’s computer.


Entire communication (eMail & SMS) is done within eOffice system. We are working very hard to bring a video conference facility soon into the eOffice eco-system.


Reports of all the departments are available online and can be accessed by the employee as per the rights and privileges assigned to each user. Reports can also be sent via eMail in a password-protected file.


eOffice is free for any organization that is willing to protect its employees and others during the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak. Once the difficult times are over the company can continue the use of eOffice in their own office at a nominal monthly charge.

Employee Restriction.

Unlimited employees can use eOffice from anywhere in the world. In other words, by using eOffice the workers can work as long as they need to get the required task done. No more waiting for office doors to be opened or leave unfinished work when office doors need to be closed at a certain hour of the day.

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