Marketing tactics to adapt now…

In these unusual times of the global pandemic of Covid19, one thing that everyone can do easily from home, with minimal resources, is enhance their presence online through marketing. Marketing is important and involves various functions which can include not only advertising of products but also personal selling. It is inevitable that business will struggle for a period of time during the present crisis; therefore, developing a long-term strong digital marketing plan is crucial. Where businesses are suffering as whole, employees are also being laid off as a result increasing unemployment. These individuals also need to enhance their digital presence and become more visible on various social media forms for firms to be able to notice them. Luckily there are many social platforms that have been in use since long and are quite effective for marketing due to their wide reach.

Linked-in is one of such platforms, which is quite popular globally as a professional social networking site. It has above 600 million users where individuals are seeking professional opportunities every day. In fact, many companies actually hire employees through this platform.  Marketing oneself and maintain an impactful online presence on Linked-in can help a great deal.  Therefore, it is recommended that individuals should work in their profiles and keep them up-to-date, increase their professional circle on linked-in by joining industry groups and adding relevant recommendations. Furthermore, after increasing connections, reaching out to them for information and advice might help.

Another very popular platform that can be used for marketing one’s business online or oneself is Facebook – the largest social networking site in the world.  Some people in rural unprivileged areas might not know what Covid-19 is and how it spreads, but there is a high probability that they know what Facebook is and how it works. Hence, marketing through Facebook means a much wider target audience. People search for jobs through Facebook also related to their area of expertise. Joining and networking with groups listing opportunities or groups with common interests, and putting in effort to remain socially active on these groups is also a form of marketing and make yourself or your product visible.

Additionally, Instagram is also a platform that offers a more visual image-based way of connecting with the world. People and businesses are able to communicate through images, videos and photos which is again a good way to enhance your profile as a potential employees or in case of a business, boost marketing of your product. This is also a very impactful way of marketing and if done properly can result in a boost in the effectiveness of marketing – as they say that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. However, Instagram might be more suitable to some individuals than others. For example in case of an artist, it can prove to be much beneficial in terms of marketing and boosting business, than if one is an accountant. In terms of a whole company, however, Instagram can be used to educate people about their products.

Pinterest is one other platform which is similar to Instagram in terms of being an image-based way of connecting with the world. It has above 300 million users monthly and people in creative industry can take advantage by showcasing and creating a kind of portfolio of their work online on Pinterest.

YouTube, is a platform where participants can create an impact they would be able to create physically in a face-to-face meeting environment. It is also widely accessed daily by almost every other person every day. Uploading videos frequently can again help increase one’s online presence. It can beneficial for both individuals and companies both. People from different professions can tap the marketing benefits that YouTube is able to offer. Teachers, consultants, musicians, trainers, advertising companies, and pretty much companies and people from all kinds of fields can promote and advertise their skills and products through YouTube.

Adding more to the list of online platforms for marketing is the social networking world of twitter.  Twitter allows sharing short and crisp information of about 280 characters. Using twitter people, looking for work, can put their expertise on display. They can make themselves visible to recruiters by posting online.

All the above mediums of putting yourself out there are readily available at little or no cost to the participants. They are an effective way to market expertise, skills or products and boost one’s business. However, just making a profile and joining these platforms won’t do anything. They key is to actively participate and engage to make yourself visible and enhance your digital presence for people and recruiters to be able for them notice you.

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