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In order for a business to work, teamwork is a must. Shared knowledge is a fuel to run a business and colleagues share their knowledge through documents, files, spreadsheets, reports and other forms of data. The usual office productivity suite like G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 are the main software through which teams collaborate. Such applications that allow sharing knowledge with others are a necessity no matter how big or small a business is. Therefore, in this global pandemic of Covid19 when remote working is becoming the norm, the key to success is to go that extra mile in terms of remote collaboration; for which communication and collaboration tools are required.

Remote work in itself is challenging for many people, which is why that extra effort in terms of maintaining remote collaboration is crucial to help people maintain the teamwork on which businesses run. In case of remote working, the need for better digital communication platforms and collaboration tools is greater than working together in an office building. Stakeholders need to think out of the box and experiment with various collaboration/commutation tools to get the best out of remote working. Some potential tools include Sococo, Mural and Status Hero.

Sococo is an online workplace which allows individuals to come together as a team no matter where they are working form. It provides voice, chat and also video that provides a virtual office overlay. This way, people can have a feel of still being in an office. Workers are even able to visit other colleagues in virtual specified office, like they would in an actual office. There are also shared meeting rooms for further collaboration. It’s basically a virtual office setup.

Another collaboration tool that provides a digital workspace for visual collaboration, increasing productivity, is Mural.  It is similar to a virtual whiteboard on which all can contribute allowing teams to collaboratively think and brainstorm ideas visually to solve problems and plan. Workers, as a team, can use Mural to organize lists, flowcharts, frameworks, drawings, methods and diagrams using an online canvas – keeping them all aligned as a team.

Status Hero is one more example of such tools. This is a lightweight application that allows workers to track daily goals, activity logs and status upstaged from your team. It allows a cohesive team picture to emerge automatically. It shows the major events and the goals that are achieved keeping all informed – keeping everyone within the team updated of the status of everyone’s work keeping all on track.

If you are looking for an affordable and a complete office management solution along with collaborative tools, you can look at eOffice. It is built on the same model as other secure SAAS applications and allows the user to take their office processes online and work remotely from anywhere. Through eOffice you can communicate from within the portal and manage employees, attendance, accounts, payroll, invoicing, purchases and much more. They also provide free data backup and updates.

Such tools not only help in collaboration but increases worker’s productivity no matter where they are working from. However, providing a worker with such tools and platforms is only one thing – training is equally important. Workers need to develop the relevant skills set and knowledge to be able to collaborate effectively remotely. Training guides and online one-on-one sessions can be arranged by the company to help their workers gain the required skills and knowledge. A troubleshoot chat box with experts available online during office hours can further support workers working from home.

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