The challenges of remote work

Remote work has visible benefits in terms of increased productivity and flexibility. However, there are always two sides to a coin as it brings with itself some challenges too.

Some occupations are benefiting from working remotely through technology and online mediums, while others have jobs that cannot be done digitally. Such workers, like manual labor, are suffering immensely in this lockdown situation as they are now unemployed and have no source of income. Even for those who can do their jobs virtually, there is a required set of certain skills necessary in terms of the technology being used, and not everyone is well versed with technology and how to work with it.

Furthermore, as many people are experiencing remote work for the first time in this time of COVID-19, they are not able to cope up with it well enough as people are experiencing time management issues, and lack the ability to set boundaries between work and home life. This is having an adverse impact on the quality of their work and also their personal lives at home. A separate setup of a working station at home could help deal with this issue but many people don’t have the resources to set up a home office.

Another challenge of working remotely is a lack of motivation. When working alongside others, there is more competition and also motivation to work at one’s best. A controlled environment like an office building provides a space with minimal distractions and work focused environment. However, with minimized social interaction between colleagues and the absence of a work focused environment, some people might become demotivated to work efficiently.

While remote work opens a wider job market for people as they are able to work for a company without relocating, it also poses a challenge for interns and fresh graduates. This is because when new graduates or interns are working physically alongside and with their mentors and peers, they are able to get a lot more value and learning from their training than working remotely. Socially interacting with colleagues teaches not just the work that one is hired for but much more. This in-depth learning might be lost due to a complete shift towards remote work.
Nevertheless, people are adaptable. Working remotely at such a big scale is a new thing which the entire world has been forced into due to the current global pandemic. With time, training and practice, people will eventually reach the required balance and will be able to bring solutions to overcome most challenges of remote working. Some jobs where manual labor is needed will continue as per normal after this COVID-19 hopefully dissipates.

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