Dues management system allows the timely collection of dues & other receivables from employees or students. This App is flexible enough to be integrated with accounts and finance functions of an organization, allowing the most up to date reporting. If used in school environment student’s dues are automatically calculated based on program a student is enrolled in. Pre-fixed narration feature ensures the consistency in tagging the expenses and quick/accurate retrieval of reporting. It does auto verification and release of security deposit after cross departmental clearance. If used in school environment, issuance of transcript and transfer certificate can be locked till all dues are cleared by student. Similarly once fee structure is defined and educational programs are created, relevant fee is automatically calculated and posted in student’s ledger.


This versatile yet, flexible boarding and lodging software helps manage a property in hospitality business as well as run a hostel in an educational institute. Being hosted in cloud, it does not require the hostel to be physically present in the same vicinity as the institute. For professional small hotels the on-line reservation system brings them to the same level playing field as large hotel chains. It can be integrated with our HRMS facilitating the hotel’s operations in terms of allocation employees to each function of the organization. With electronic wallet facility the guest does not have to pay for services received every time. Cash handling is eliminated by direct debiting to guest’s room. Electronic complain handling features ensures addressing guests complains on timely basis as well as tracking employee for their offenses. Maintenance of property’s Infrastructure can also be done through this software keeping the building & facilities in immaculate condition.


None of the reputed companies in certain parts of the world offer this unique system. Exclusively designed for educational institutes. Even after student’s graduation, an institute can provide a platform to its alumni to manage their post institution life through various features. It even helps in placement of students in jobs, colleges or vocational institutes. As soon as the student is graduated, his/her data is automatically transferred from student module to alumni. It even assigns student to College/Job placement counselors. User can post news, announcements & event invitations. Administrator can create and manage groups for focused communications. Automatic delivery of birthday greetings to registered alumni is also possible. In addition, the user can easily design, announce and manage alumni events with ease of clicks. Among others, the signature feature of the system is the ability to manage corporate news and incorporate it with other search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN with auto refresh option.


Transportation management allows the user in setting-up of transportation services of an organization, even if it is sublet to a contractor. This on-line facility relieves the organization from the responsibility of looking after the transportation needs of its employees and staff or students. Like other modules data and information residing in this module is integrated and exported to other modules without involving the user’s interaction. Transportation fee calculated and charged to respective person in his/her account. Status of vehicles & available of seats can be checked at any particular time. In addition assigning and managing of vehicles routing, timing, pick-up and drop-off points can also be done. It tracks vehicle’s maintenance schedules & validity of fitness certificates. Driver’s profile and offense are also recorded and maintained through this application. A part from vehicles, transport contractors can also be managed through application’s dashboard. Tasks like contractor’s profile, reminder for driver’s license renewal, assignment of vehicles to a particular contractor and filing of complains & recording of driving offense can easily be managed through this app.


Our most flexible software designed ever, the remuneration management system is way beyond managing a payroll. The users have the privilege of designing and setting-up their own system parameters like employees, contracts, leaves, benefits and compensations. This helps in managing the complete remuneration process including but not limited to loans, advances, gratuity and provident fund. User defined applicable taxes as & when imposed by the government not only keeps the system from becoming obsolete it also reduces the reliance on software vendors. In other words, we chopped our own hand just to keep our users more independent. In addition it helps in managing and formulate employee contributions for different funds set up by administration and/or government from time to time. Auto inclusion of charges into the deduction list for items or facilities used by team members in cafeteria, transportations, on-line store. Last but not the least, it provides real time integration with accounts & finance module.


This module helps organizations optimally manage their purchase and inventory functions. This 3in1 software help organizations purchase items electronically, manage inventory remotely and have an electronic store for its employees. Vendors are also managed more efficiently by way of auto generation of purchase orders if an item runs low in the inventory. Electronic approval and order placement via our state of the art communication module help speed-up the purchase cycle. Past purchase records help management negotiate better prices. Items issued from Inventory module are immediately reflected in employee’s personal account, directly deductible from the paycheck. Similarly, items received from a vendor have its financial impact shown in the accounting software. User definable GST and VAT formulas help organizations stay in-control instead of running after us with every change announced in GST/VAT. Goods receiving note is automatically generated without additional data entry at the time of goods receiving. Automatic depreciation calculations at pre-defined intervals and on-line stock search facility are few of the salient features.

eCommunication System

An advanced communication platform allowing intra company communication on company’s own server, eliminating the reliance on third party applications. Team can communication and collaborate without the risk of being exposed to prying eyes. In addition to emails, short text messaging can also be handled through the same system, giving operational team more than one communication medium to rely on. Being hosted on cloud, every team member can access from the application anywhere in the world on 24/ basis.


A smart application that allows scheduling of company’s resources to various tasks that team is expected to work-on. Teams are created based on their role & infrastructure facilities are defined in the system. Then user can pick and assign resources to each team or individual based on the timeline of the project. The similar app can also be used to define repetitive task and assign to each team member. A tracking feature warns a user when a particular team member is over-loaded or a facility is already being occupied by a different team.


The integrated library management system creates a depository of books, audio, video, science journals, periodicals and newspapers. It allows organizing, storing, and retrieving of the files and media owned by the library. Being managed on SaaS model, it allocates virtually unlimited space to the library needs. Library cards are automatically created based on member’s profile. Being compliant with ISBN standards, it allows searching based on Book Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN, Edition, Type and Content. Purchasing of new material or imposing of fines can be directly integrated with purchase management system and accounts department.


Whether used in conjunction with our suite of software or used standalone, this module marks the attendance via a smart card. Well integrated with employee management system & payroll. Through auto payroll calculations and management of leave registers, this tool provides countless reports in real time enabling the management in taking timely decisions, introducing cost controlling and efficiently utilizing the human and financial resources of an organization. The unique feature of attendance marking vide pre-defined groups keeps the personnel que at minimum at the entry points.


A unique tool that helps in managing a premises infrastructure. Campuses, offices, buildings, floors, rooms, and equipment can easily be created and assigned to different departments. Option to add unlimited buildings or equipment creates a flexibility organization can use to manage their resources for a long period of time. Being operated on SaaS, multiple premises, whether across the block or continents, can be managed by one a centralized administrator. User can request to book a room/equipment via our state of the art communication portal available to team members 24/7.


This comprehensive software combines organization’s systems and its processes to manage an organization’s employees. It includes necessary HR functions, such as employee data, creating and managing of payrolls, administering recruitment processes, allocating benefits, keeping track of attendance and performance. Employee’s experience can automatically be calculated based on tagging of qualification and experience. Complex algorithms used in the system allows automatically tracking relatives of a current or potential employee. Attendances can automatically be marked and leaves can systematically be tracked. In addition, real time integration with other functions of HR reduces the volume of data entry and improves the accuracy of reporting.

Virtual Learning

By using our state of the art virtual learning solution any institute can be run remotely. May that be a degree program or corporate training there is no mandatory need to have a mortar and brick campus. With the help of live streaming and recorded lectures, the user has the privilege of picking-up the learning at his or her own pace. Our virtual learning solution has opened up the doors to world renowned professors for sharing their knowledge, research and insights with the rest of the world without leaving their desk. Easy to set-up, record, upload and download video lectures with multiple video formats can easily be managed through this solution.


This security set-up tool embedded in software helps the system administrator manage the user’s access in the system. Privileges like view, edit, delete & print makes sure only the authorize personnel get their hands on the otherwise highly confidential information. For our software suite, the same toll helps the management decide which module should be visible at any particular time to any particular user. This great feature helps to roll out the big software in stages, making it sink well with the users and ensure quick adoptability by everyone in the organization.


Barcode generation is a tool that assists in avoiding the repetitive data entry for operating any of our software. Only available in suite package, the frequently used tasks or most accessible software are called to screen through scan of a barcode. System generates a unique barcode for each document in different modules. Once the document’s barcode is scanned, its record can be pulled anywhere in the system irrespective of user’s current location in the software.


The most innovative software in its category. Primarily utilized by post-secondary educational institutions to assist their alumni find jobs after their graduation. Not only this, any HR firm can also use this tool to streamline their recruitment initiatives. If used in conjunction with our other award deserving software, job seekers data can be pulled automatically into CDC. Based on the student’s profile, a sophisticated AIMS algorithm in CDC recommends a set of candidates who are fit for the post. Custom design interview sheet with preferred structuring & unlimited questions along with electronic dispatch & submission of assessment questionnaire to and from the candidates are some of the industry standard setting features of this software.

Finance Management

This lean yet comprehensive solution is capable of atomically capture, process and produce reports required by the company to keep its operations afloat. Unlimited cost centers can be created and remotely managed through this solution. Real time reporting is the strongest feature, available to the management on 24/7 basis irrespective of the geographic location of the user. 11 level chart of account with detailing feature, on-line trial balance, balance sheet and profit & loss statements, data exports to third party analytical software, electronic approval and posting of vouchers in JV register and user defined tax & other deductions are some of the innovative features of this great solution.


An array of environment friendly professional reports help organizations manage their day to day departmental affairs with utmost professionalism. User has access to 100+ dynamic reports that are not only interlinked but, also well supported by numerous dash boards across various solutions. Most of the information required for day to day decision making is provided on-line reducing the carbon foot print by avoiding the un-necessary printing. Similarly, print-preview feature allows the non-owner of the report access to the information required. Who gets to see what is configured in security administration module. A person having data entry/edit rights does not necessarily mean he/she can see the reports.

Website Development

Our signature application helps any organization especially an institute, develop and maintain its own website by using easy to use forms and templates. No formal knowledge or technical training is required to design, build, host and operate a website. Being built from within our own operating system, it allows seamless integration into other core applications. It greatly reduces the dependence on third party vendors for developing and maintaining a website, ideal for departments within an organization if they want to have their own identity with-in the eco system of parent organization. All the website pages are dynamic and can be easily updated as frequently as needed. This independence, free-up the management from constantly chasing the website vendor to update site and helps the staff concentrate on matters that drive an organization. In-house website maintenance not only saves the cost but, also enables keeping the most up-to date information available to users. Among other features, some of the salient functions are to manage and control webpage contents and pictures by simple ON-Off switch, quick & unlimited uploading of albums & photographs. Create a link with organization’s social media profiles and pages. Deployment of comprehensive feedback & complain form for immediate addressing. Supported by Google maps. All the mentioned features are editable and can easily be updated through this app.


Exclusively for educational institutions, the curriculum designing system helps in defining course outlines. Faculty creates the tasks and expectation of the courses, once put in place the same is accessible throughout the year in other modules especially where grading is done. For grading a student/class, all faculty needs to do is select the task from the drop down menu and it shows the list of students who need to be assigned marks/grade for the specific task. Widely used for assigning homework, projects, field trips, class participation & other academic tasks.

Data Assurance

A useful tool that helps a user automatically back-up his/her work in software suite AIMS, eliminating the need of back-up routines at user’s end. In an unlikely event of data disaster, the last back-up copy can be restored within minutes. User who likes to have the peace of mind of having their data in their safe deposit instead of operating server, system allows the manual back-up on user’s choice of media as well.

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